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sell your home with parisa

A successful sale begins with accurate pricing and exceptional marketing.  My experience as a former appraiser, along with my interior architectural background, allows me to help my clients understand the market and the pricing strategies in the Bay Area.  I am also able to guide my clients on how to prepare their home for the market and set them up for a successful sale.

-Parisa Samimi 

Thinking about selling and not sure where to start? Here is A Definitive Guide to Sell Your Home.

California concierge

Renovation and Bridge Loan Solutions

Bringing unique solutions that put short-term loans within reach of more homeowners. Use a Property Enhancement Loan to improve your home value and sell it for more. Are you looking to buy your dream home? Leverage a Bridge Loan and use the equity in your current home! We work with the best financial partners to bring unique financial solutions to you!




Improve your home's value, and sell it for more

Do you need to do a few improvements before selling your home? With increasing housing prices, now is the time to invest in your home, and capitalize on its value. With a Property Enhancement Loan get up to $50,000 for home improvement work so you can sell it for more! There are no restrictions of any kind. These funds can go towards landscaping, staging, painting, updating, or whatever will increase the value of the home the most.

Work with us to determine the needed updates, and contractors of your choice. As part of the qualification process, you will also be qualified for a loan on the purchase of your next home. It’s a one-stop solution.

Bridge the gap between your current home and your dream home

When you’ve found your dream home and need to quickly write an offer, or if you need to move on your own terms, a Bridge Loan can be the solution to close the gap. 

We want to get you into the home of your dreams as easily as possible, without the headache of having to sell your current home first. A Bridge Loan is a simple solution that allows you to secure your future home when you find it; not after you sell your current home.

home selling process

Home Valuation Form

Hear from our clients

I've asked Parisa to help me sell my house in Montclair in March 2012. I knew it was going to be difficult, not because my house was hard to sell, but it was because I now live in New York and can not physically be in Montclair. Parisa took the challenge and was able to sell the house relatively fast. She knew the market very well and is very experienced. When I asked when the offer will start to come, she told me exactly when and it was exactly right when we got the first offer. Parisa was not only my representative, she has also became my friend and confidant. During the entire sales process, I did not even go to California, we spoke often and she took care of everything. She managed the clean up of the house and the landscape, coordinated with inspections and the resulting repairs, helped me staged the home, organized photo sessions with the photographers (please note multiple sessions) and the what seems to be countless open houses. When the offers started to come, she used her experiences to help me decide which deals to focus on, helped me to analyze the pros and cons of each offer and negotiated a great deal for me. When we closed the deal, she helped with everything, even packing. I have dealt with many real estate agents, some were even family members, none were as professional or as helpful as Parisa. My only regret is that I don't have more homes for her to sell for me.

Cher Dang Represented Seller

I had listed my Berkeley Condo for sale and was not able to obtain any offers for the price I wanted. My 6-month listing agreement expired, and I was contacted by phone and mail by a small army of Realtors looking to relist my property. I did not intend to switch Realtors, however Parisa’s approach was so professional, direct, and persistent, I changed my mind and re-listed the property with her. Specifically: she was respectful of my situation and my apprehension to re-list the property right away, took the time to work with me, listened to my concerns and responded appropriately and reassuringly. - did not overpromise, waited until she saw the property completely before recommending a listing price, and clearly explained her strategy. - had a great understanding of the market, financing challenges, and quickly prepared all that was needed to reassure potential buyers. - skillfully managed multiple offers, property ultimately sold for 15% more than the original asking price. - helped make the closing very smooth, even having her own handyman make a few repairs that would have been difficult for me to do. - Mostly, Parisa is a nice person, so different than other Realtors that sometimes are short or impatient with seller concerns, aren’t willing to invest any more of their time than just the minimum, or are just blatantly out to take care of their own interests before yours… Parisa is the exception. She is competent, confident, professional, and clear, and a pleasure to work with and to know - I’m so glad she found me! More Less.

Kim Kemp Represented Seller

Parisa, I couldn’t have asked for a better agent. You took the listing, helped us fix the home, marketed and sold the house in 12 days, 30% over asking price. Your previous appraisal background coupled with your negotiation and communication skills make you perfect for the job. You were always one step ahead of the game making this a seamless transaction.

D. Ryan Represented Seller

The sharp intellect, careful strategic and thoughtful approach — and help — of our agent, Parisa Samimi, made the entire process of selling our home seamless and practically stress-free. The sale in the end was a success beyond what we had dared to hope for, especially in this unpredictable market. We have Parisa to thank for the excellent results.

John and Marie Simmons Represented Seller

Parisa, You have been always professional and always warm. We were the typical sellers, certain that our expensive property would be snatched up by some prudent buyer within the first two weeks. As both the market and our hopes stalled, we had to readjust to a difficult reality. Throughout this process, you remained pleasant and encouraging, as well as realistic. As it happened, the final sale was a result of your diligence and continued belief in our home. You even cleaned it before showings so as to maximize the results! We both came to appreciate your good humor and persistence in a challenging market and a very emotional transaction.

Sewellyn Kaplan Represented Seller

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for selling my home. After attempts to sell my home by another broker and wasted 8 months trying, you were able to sell my home quickly. My home was definitely a challenge because of the needed repairs and uniqueness of the design. And you were able to sell my home for $45,000 more than the asking price! This allowed me to meet my obligations for settlement with the Title company. You are the best! Thank you Again!

K. Stong Represented Seller

I would like to thank you so much for working with us to sell my father's house. Selling a house with remote clients is an added challenge. However, your experience, communication skills, and professionalism led us through every step of this difficult process.

J. Wong Represented Seller

Parisa was organized, professional and had a great stable of folks to call on for help with painting, repairs and staging for sale. She was always available for questions and feedback, kept us informed and did a tremendous job of managing the schedules and orchestrating the open house. She had a great knowledge of what we needed to do (and, importantly, what we didn't need to do) in order to have a successful sale. Once the offers started coming in, she was instrumental in keeping everything moving forward, managing the stressful process of making counter offers and finally getting to a sale at substantially above our listing price. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

Jeff C. Represented Seller

We contacted Parisa after our listing expired with our first agent. Parisa is incredibly professional and responsive and really went out of her way to take the stress out of the selling process. Our property was not the easiest to sell and we had a very short timeline for completing the process. But Parisa was able to get the job done and get us a solid, contingent free offer in less than 2 weeks after listing our home. Our experience with Parisa was very positive and I am certain yours will be too.

Tara M. Represented Seller

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shapari 1

Shapari Samimi

meet Shapari Samimi

Shapari Samimi holds a B.A. in Sociology & Anthropology from the University of Redlands, and an M.A in Strategic Public Relations from the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism.  

Shapari is a Bay Area native, having grown up in El Cerrito and gone to school in Berkeley until college when she relocated to Southern California. She specializes in digital marketing and communications, and has previously worked for the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture, where she wrote editorial and managed social media campaigns showcasing new architectural designs and innovations from students and faculty. Shapari is passionate about creating exciting and inclusive digital marketing and communications campaigns — her skills as a writer, marketer and creative thinker allow her to bring a new and unique perspective to the team. 

When she isn’t working, Shapari is usually learning to cook a new family recipe, swimming and relaxing at the beach or exploring a new city.

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